10 Low-Cost Benefits for Employees to Get Excited About

10 Low-Cost Benefits for Employees to Get Excited About

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Most organizations just can’t afford to give their employees the razzle-dazzle perks offered by high-profile companies like Google and Facebook, extravagances that include unlimited vacation days, gourmet catered lunches, free massages, stipends for travel and onsite rock-climbing walls. But if employees are not earning above-market salaries, what motivation do they have to stay at the company? And how can HR …

‘Love Contracts’ for Workplace Relationships

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Co-workers dating each other is inevitable. Some even fall in love and marry. But workplace relationships always bring the potential for employer liability in harassment and retaliation claims, especially for a relationship that forms between a supervisor and a subordinate. Colleagues hooking up can also hurt productivity and impact morale due to tension over complaints of favoritism, public displays of …

2016 HR Trends in Review

2016 HR Trends Year in Review

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HR professionals were impacted by both dramatic developments and slow-burning trends during 2016. The year bowing out Dec. 31 brought focused attention on paid leave and salary transparency, a re-evaluation of annual performance reviews and raises, notable industry acquisitions (LinkedIn, Monster, Hay Group) and a contested compliance obligation on overtime pay which was shockingly halted the day before it was …

Ensure Your Employee Engagement Surveys Are Meaningful

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Getting an honest pulse on what employees think about their job and the organization they work for is gold for any employer. Thoughtful, routine employee engagement surveys can help leaders determine if the top drivers of employee performance are clicking—a critical part of achieving business objectives. That’s why employee engagement surveys are ubiquitous in corporate America. But engagement surveys are …

Where Do Clinton and Trump Stand on HR Issues? (Part 1)

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Whether the next president of the United States is Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump, he or she will likely introduce policies around employment and labor issues which will impact employers nationwide. Generally speaking, the Republican Party will take positions more in alignment with employers’ interests, while the Democratic nominee carries the banner for labor. But where do the 2016 Republican …

Keeping the Workplace Civil During Election Season

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The risk of heated conflict and polarizing tension among employees will likely intensify as the 2016 U.S. presidential contest rolls into its final stretch before Election Day on Nov. 8. Political discussions, like talking about social issues or events in the news, can hurt individual’s careers, hinder relationships among colleagues and create an unproductive and volatile work environment. What can …

Be Clear About Your Summer Dress Policy

Be Clear About Your Summer Dress Policy

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The workplace is becoming increasingly informal, but if your organization has a summer (or relaxed or causal) dress policy, it must be clearly defined to avoid problems. According to a recent OfficeTeam survey of senior managers, U.S. workers are dressing more casually than they did five years ago. Nearly half of respondents said that their employees’ work attire is overly …

can you be fired for growing a beard

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Given the facial fur trend, ranging from hipsters and gamers to technology industry titans and sports heros, the topic of employment terminations for beard growth is long overdue. After our views of a recent AP News re-post of a Muslim police officer scoring a win against the NYPD skyrocketed, we are taking a look at the employee and employer side of the argument. …

Employee Monitoring

Firms step up employee monitoring at work

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Our thanks to Katie Johnston with The Boston Globe for including CJC HR Services in this article: By Katie Johnston GLOBE STAFF  FEBRUARY 19, 2016 A decade ago, companies that wanted to track workers’ activities could quietly count employees’ computer keystrokes, record the websites they visited, and read their e-mail. But as technology improves, and digital distractions multiply, employee monitoring …

What Does Culture and Engagement Mean to You

What Does Culture and Engagement Mean To You?

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Deloitte University Press recently published the results of its’ Human Global Capital Trends 2015 survey, of more than 3300 business leaders across 106 countries – one of the largest and most accurate reports available. The results are based on assessments of each organization’s readiness to meet the specific talent challenges facing the HR world today. Employee engagement and culture was …